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All product 100% new in sealed packaging.  


Sabre & Co Contact Lens for all occasions: Lens Details

6 COLOURS Available 

3 tone Sade Blue 
3 tone Sade Violet 
3 tone Sade Hazel 
3 tone Sade Green 
3 tone Sade Honey 
Mid Night Black 

(Identify which color your require in your purchase) 

Water ContentL: 57% 
Base Curve: 8.6mm 
Diameter: 14.3mm 
Material: Methafilcon B 43% 
UV blocker 
Surface Character: Hydrophilic 
Convenience Pack: 2 Pecs lens 
Lens Type: Weekly disposable 

These contacts are purely cosmetic (non-prescription) and are exceptional on both light and dark coloured eyes. 

Lens Features: 
* Ease of handling 
* Uncompromised patient comfort 
* Easy care and maintenance 
* High oxygen permeability for safe corneal health 
* Excellent surface wettability for greater patient comfort 

These are such comfortable lenses and so natural you can hardly feel you are wearing lenses 

- one size fits all 

the highest quality control, optometrist quality lenses and lowest price guaranteed 

Manufactured in compliance with ISO9001


@ Sabre & Co for all your glamorous needs: If you have a weekend event, please purchase before Tuesday to be sure you have your product on time.   


EMAIL for urgent requests:

Sexy Deep Light Honey Color Lens: Sweet Cherry

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