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Sexy SNATCH in that Waist Shapewear! Black

Slimming suit is a revolutionary undergarment that slenderizes and shapes your figure from below the bust line to above your knees. This super comfortable garment instantly smoothes out bulges, bumps, and rolls giving you a trim and firm look. Slimming suit sculpts and shapes your figure and gives you confidence looking your best. It's perfect to wear underneath your favorite pair of jeans, dress or business suit. Open slit for convenience when using the restroom. 


- Made from 80% Nylon 20% Breathable Elastane 
- Extremely stretchy Slimming Shaper 
- Washable Body Shaper 
- Crotch opening 
- Removable shoulder straps for more support 
- Sides fold away into built-in pockets when straps not in use 
- Hygiene reason Please measure and choose carefully as no refund or swap. 

Body Shaper Size: Fit low (waist) 

NOTE: SIX AVAILABLE SIZES [M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL] ARE GIVEN BELOW; Let me know what size onced purchased. 

M: 78-90cm 
L: 88-100cm 
XL: 98-110cm 
XXL: 110-123cm 
XXXL: 123-138cm 
XXXXL: 138-170cm 

Slimming Shaper comes in Retail package 

Package Includes: 
1 x Body Shaping Suit (Black)

Sexy Body Shapewear - Black

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